KORTING HG675CW User Manual

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Special “WOK” support grid (Figure 11) – optional.
The WOK support grid is placed on top of the triple crown burner when using a “WOK” pan, with rounded
Never use a Wok pan without this special grid and never use the wok grid for flat-bottom cookware.


The appliance does not require any particular maintenance, except regular cleaning.
Anyhow, it is recommended to have the appliance checked by qualified personnel once every 2 years.
If the knobs become difficult to turn, or if there is a gas smell, close the gas supply and call the service centre
Faulty knobs must be replaced along with their gasket.

To maintain the hob in good working conditions, clean it regularly after every use.
Let it cool down before cleaning.
Never use abrasive or sharp substances or materials to clean the surface of the hob.
Never clean the appliance with high pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.
Do not use flammable or alcoholic cleaners.

Enameled hobs.

All the enameled parts must be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water or specific detergents.
Rinse and dry the hob carefully after cleaning.

Stainless Steel hobs.

The stainless steel hobs should be cleaned with damp cloth and special detergents available in commerce.
Rinse and dry the hob carefully after cleaning. It is recommended to use a chamois leather to dry the hob.


Remove the grids from the hob in order to clean them. Use soapy water or a specific detergent and a damp
The enameled grids can be washed in the dishwasher.


The burners, comprising 2 parts, can be removed and cleaned using suitable detergents.
After cleaning, dry the burners carefully, and replace them in their original seats.
For models with electric ignition, always check that the electrode “E” is clean.
See figure 12 below.

In models with safety device, clean the thermocouple “T”
(figure 12) in order to allow regular operation of the
safety valve.

Figure 12


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