KORTING HG675CW User Manual

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Figure 3.

Installation area and removal of combustion fumes.

The appliance must be installed and must operate in suitable areas in compliance with the standard
regulations and local laws.
The technician installing the appliance must observe the current laws governing ventilation and removal of
combustion fumes.
The air required for combustion is 2m


/h per kW of power (gas) installed.

Installation area

In the area where the gas appliance will be installed, there must be sufficient natural air supply to allow the
gas to burn correctly.
The natural flow of air must take place by means of an opening made through an outer wall of the room and
it should have a working section of at least 100 cm



In case of appliances without safety valves, the wall opening section should be of minimum 200 cm



See figure 4 below.

C = Hood for exhaust removal of combustion fumes

E = Electric extractor fan for removal
of combustion fumes

A = Opening for air supply

Figure 4.


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