KORTING HG675CW User Manual

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The power supply cable must be positioned in such a way that it does not exceed the room temperature by
50°C at any point.

The installer is responsible for correct electricity connection and adherence to safety regulations.

Before connection to the mains supply, make sure that:

- the socket has a ground connection and it complies with legal regulations.
- the socket is able to withstand the hob’s maximum power capacity indicated on the product plate.
- the power supply voltage is within the values indicated on the product plate.
- the socket is compatible with the appliance plug. If they are not compatible, replace the socket or the plug.
- do not use extension cords or multiple sockets.
- once the appliance is installed, the electrical cable and the electrical power socket must be easily
- the cable must not be compressed.
- the cable must be regularly checked and if necessary, replaced by authorized technicians only.

The manufacturer declines any responsibility if any of the above instructions is not adhered to.

Replacement of the power cable.

If the power cable needs to be replaced, use the cables having the same characteristics as the originally
supplied cable, suitable for the operating capacity and temperature (type T90°C).
The yellow- green earth cable must be longer than the other 2 conductors by approximately 2 cm.
For connecting gas hobs use the power cable having the following sizes: Ø 0,75mm².
The power cable must be replaced by the technical service centre in order to avoid dangerous situations.


The gas supply system must be in compliance with the current standards in the country it is used.
The type of gas for which the hob has been regulated is indicated in the serial number plate located on the
bottom of the hob and on the packaging, as well as on the back of the last page of the present instructions
Prior to the connection settings, the hob must be adapted to the type of gas that will be used.
If using metal hoses, ensure these do not come into contact with movable parts that could damage them.

The gas connection must be carried out by QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY, in compliance with the local

The gas supply connector is type ½ “G.
See figure 6 below.

D – gas supply connector

E – seal

F – gas pipe

Figure 6.


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