KORTING HG675CW User Manual

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The opening A must be free and keep assured that it is not obstructed from the inside or outside. Preferably
position it on the floor level, on the opposite side of the fume exhaust devices.
If the area does not allow such solution, the air could be supplied by an adjacent suitable ventilated room, as
long as it is not a bedroom, a low-pressure area or a dangerous area.

Removal of combustion fumes

Combustion fumes produced by gas appliances must get outside by means of a hood (C) connected either
directly to an exhaust duct or to the outside. See figure 4 above.
If a hood cannot be installed, an electric extractor fan (E) must be fitted to the outside wall or the window.
See figure 4 above. This electric extractor fan must have a sufficient capacity to guarantee a change of air of
the kitchen (or area) of at least 3 to 5 times its volume.


Before connecting the appliance to the electricity supply, check if the voltage and frequency corresponds to
that indicated on the product plate, and the power supply cable is suitable for the appliance capacity
indicated on the product plate.

Assembly of the power cable




Ũ )

Figure 5.

1. Open the terminal board by placing a screwdriver under the side flaps on the cover, pull and then open the
2. Install the power supply cable, unscrew the screws on the cable grip and the three screws on contacts L-

Ũ and then attach the wires under the screw heads respecting the colours:

3. Attach the cable to the appropriate cable holder.
4. Close the terminal board cover.
See figure 5 above.

Attention: earth connection is required by law.

Connecting the power supply cable to the mains

For direct connection to the mains supply, it is necessary to use a device that ensures that the mains power
is disconnected, with a distance between the contacts that allows complete disconnection in compliance with
surge category III and installation regulations.
Assemble a standard plug for the capacity indicated on the product plate.


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