2nd Ave. MARMITEK Remote EasyControl4 130405 User Manual

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Safety warnings

To prevent short circuits, this product should only be used inside and only in dry
spaces. Do not expose the components to rain or moisture. Do not use the product
close to a bath, swimming pool etc.

Do not expose the components of your systems to extremely high temperatures or
bright light sources.

Do not open the product: the device contains live parts. The product should only be
repaired or serviced by a qualified repairman

In case of improper usage or if you have opened, altered and repaired the product
yourself, all guarantees expire. Marmitek does not accept responsibility in the case of
improper usage of the product or when the product is used for purposes other than
specified. Marmitek does not accept responsibility for additional damage other than
covered by the legal product responsibility.

Batteries: keep batteries out of the reach of children. Dispose of batteries as chemical
waste. Never use old and new batteries or different types of batteries together.
Remove the batteries when you are not using the system for a longer period of time.
Check the polarity (+/-) of the batteries when inserting them in the product. Wrong
positioning can cause an explosion.


1. Foreword _______________________________________________________________4
2. Inserting


3. Button


4. Programming ____________________________________________________________6
4.1 Manually entering the code ________________________________________________6
4.2 Automatically search for common brands ____________________________________7
4.3 Automatically search for codes for all brands _________________________________8
4.4 Manually searching for codes ______________________________________________8
4.5 Identifying codes found____________________________________________________9
4.6 Setting the default volume of the satellite receiver ____________________________9
5. Troubleshooting


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