Foreword, Button functions – 2nd Ave. MARMITEK Remote EasyControl4 130405 User Manual

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1. Foreword

You can operate up to 4 devices with the EasyControl 4 remote control: TV, VCR (video
recorder), DVD, SAT

The remote control contains a large number of pre-programmed codes. These codes are
suitable for almost all currently available devices and must be programmed once before
use. There are various ways to do this:

a. By manually entering one of the codes for the relevant brand that can be

found in the accompanying code book (see figure 4.1).

b. By using Auto Search to find common brands (see figure 4.2).
c. By using Auto Search for all brands (see figure 4.3).
d. By manually checking all the codes (see figure 4.4).

2. Inserting batteries

(always use NEW AAA-alkaline batteries)

1. Open the battery compartment at the back of the remote control.
2. Insert 2 AAA-alkaline batteries. Ensure that the polarity is correct (+ and -) and

follow the instructions on the lid.

3. Carefully close the battery compartment.

3. Button functions

[1] (On/off)
Switches the last selected device off. Some appliances can also be switched on by pressing
this button.

[2] RED LED indicator
The indicator light flashes when the remote is operating or lights continuously while you
are programming the remote.

You can select which device you want to operate by using these mode buttons. There are
a limited number of functions available for audio.

[4] Mute
Switches the sound on or off. You can also turn the volume of your TV on or off whenev-
er you are in VCR, DVD or SAT mode. This means that you do not have to switch over to
TV mode.

[5] PROG +/-
Selects the next or previous channel on your TV or satellite receiver. In DVD mode it
selects the next or previous track.


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