English – 2nd Ave. MARMITEK Remote EasyControl4 130405 User Manual

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[6] VOL +/-
Controls the volume. You can adjust the volume, also when you are in VCR, DVD or SAT
mode. You do not need to switch over to TV mode.

[7] INFO
Provides on-screen information for the device selected (if available).

This is where you program the remote control for use. This button gives access to some
of the secondary functions of certain audio/video equipment (Shift). Press the SETUP but-
ton and then the desired function button.

[9] Numeric keys 0-9
These work just like a normal remote control.

[10] AV
Selects an external audio or video source (via the A/V or Scart in).

[11] -/--
This button allows you, on some devices, to choose channels that have a number higher
than 9 (two digits). If you are using the Setup mode and are automatically searching for
codes, you can use this button to enter the code for the device.

[12] MENU
Activates the menu.

[13] EXIT
Exits the menu.

[14] OK
Confirms the menu selection.

[15] Navigation buttons
Up, down, left, right, to be used to navigate through the menu (TV, DVD etc.).


Teletext ON: Start/stop Teletext.

Teletext OFF: Stop teletext.

Teletext Hold: Hold the page in Teletext mode.
Teletext Mix (TVand SAT): Shows Teletext and the images of the selected channel.

[17] REW


In VCR, DVD or SAT mode: Works just like the button on the original remote control.
In TV mode: Coloured button (red), operates Teletext – or other device functions.

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