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4.5 Identifying codes found

If the batteries are taken out of the remote for a longer period, the programmed codes
can be erased from the memory. Therefore it is wise to write down the codes, so you will
be able to reprogram the remote control quickly If you don’t know the code (for example
because you found the code by autosearch) you can identify it as described below:
1. Press and hold SETUP (8) until the LED indicator (2) lights steadily. Release SETUP.
2. Press the mode key (3) for the equipment you want to identify (VCR, CBL, DVD,

ASAT, SAT). The LED blinks once.

3. Press again SETUP. The LED blinks once.
4. To identify the first digit press each number button from 0 - 9 (9) until the LED blinks.

The number you pressed is the first digit of the code.

5. Press each number key from 0 - 9 as above to find the second digit.
6. Press each number key from 0 - 9 as above to find the third digit. When the third

digit has been found the LED will go off.

4.6 Setting the standard volume for the satellite


The volume for the SAT mode is controlled via the TV by default. Some satellite decoders
have their own volume control. You can program this function in such a way the volume
can be controlled directly via the satellite receiver.
1. Press the TV button (2) and release it. The remote control has to be set to TV mode

for this procedure.

2. Press SETUP (9) and keep this button pressed until one of the Mode LEDs stays lit.
3. Release SETUP (9).

4. Press ‘

Mute’ (5) and keep this button pressed, The LED will extinguish.

Keep the button pressed for about 8 seconds, until the LED starts flashing.

5. The volume can now be controlled via the satellite receiver.

Repeat this procedure if you want to return to normal volume control via the TV.

5. Troubleshooting

The remote control does not work or the codes are not stored.

Check whether you have pressed the right Mode button for the device you want to

If the code does not work, you can try AutoSearch or enter the next code for your

Check whether the batteries have been placed correctly.

To program the remote control you need two (new) AAA-alkaline batteries.

If the remote control has lost the code, you may have to replace the batteries.

If the LED stays lit, you need to replace the batteries.

Restore the remote control to its factory settings.

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