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will extinguish after the last digit has been entered. The LED will flash for 3
seconds if you have entered the wrong code. The LED will extinguish. Repeat
the procedure from step 2.

5. Point the remote control at the TV and press the On/Off button (1). The device

will switch off. Check the other functions (e.g. with a video check Fast Forward,
Rewind etc.) If certain functions do not work, the wrong code was entered.
Repeat the previous steps and enter the next code from the list.

6. Repeat the procedure from step 1 for any other device that you wish to

program (video, DVD player, satellite, etc).

If your device (TV, satellite, etc.) does not respond, you can try another code for your
brand. If the device does not react to any of the codes, then try the method in paragraph
4.4, Manually searching for codes.

4.2 Automatically search for common brands

If your brand is listed here, you can search by brand (this is quicker than searching
manually or automatically)





Sony/Panasonic/JVC/Sharp Akai/Toshiba/Daewoo








Nokia/ ITT


1. Turn the device you want to operate on.
2. Press SETUP (9) and keep this button pressed until one of the mode LEDs stays

lit. Release the SETUP button.

3. Press the Mode button (2) for the device you want to operate. The LED will

flash once.

4. Enter the code matching your brand, point the EasyControl 4 remote control at

the device and press Prog+ (6) once. Keep the remote control pointed at the
device until it changes channel. (The remote control transmits one infrared
signal per second. Wait until the device reacts.) When the device reacts, press
-/-- (12) to confirm the code. If you accidentally miss the code, you can stop the
search by pressing Prog- (6) and go back to the correct code by repeatedly
pressing this button. Press -/-- (12) to confirm the code.

Note: If certain functions of your device do not work, try the next code for your brand.
The search function will begin after the last confirmed code. If that was 030, the search
function will begin at 031 and will continue until the last possible code.

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