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Waste packsging
Do not throw the packaging of your appliance

into the dustbin, but pick out the different

materials (e.g. foil, paperboard, polystyrene)

according to the local rules for rubbish

This appliance complies with the following

Community Directives:

- 2006/95 EEC “Low Voltage”

2004/108 EEC “Electromagnetic disturbances”

- 89/109 EEC “Materials in contact with foods”

Read carefully all the instructions con-

tained in this booklet. It provides you with
important information regarding the safe
installation, use and maintenance of the ap-
pliance as well as useful advice for getting
the best out of your oven. Keep this booklet
in a safe place for future reference.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make

modifi cations that may be necessary and use-
ful, without prejudicing essential safety and
working features.

After removing the packing, check that the

appliance is not damaged in any way. Be care-
ful not to leave the packing materials (plastic
sheeting, expanded polystyrene etc.) where
children can get at them, as they can be dan-

IMPORTANT: do not use the oven

door handle to move the appliance, such as
to remove it from the packaging.

This appliance must be used exclusively for

cooking food and not for any other purpose.

Any other use of the appliance (such as heat-

ing a room) is improper and therefore

The manufacturer will not accept responsibil-

ity for any damage caused by the improper

and unreasonable use of the appliance.
There are certain basic rules which must be

observed when using any electrical

appliance, i.e.:

disconnect the appliance from the electric

mains supply before carrying out any clean-
ing or maintenance operation.

never try to remove a plug from the mains

supply socket by pulling on the cable

never touch an appliance if your hands or feet

are wet or damp

never operate an appliance if you are bare-


in case of negligent use near the oven door

hinges, you could hurt your hands

if the appliance breaks down and/or does not

work properly, switch off and do not tamper
with it.
All repairs should be carried out only by an

approved service agent. You should insist

that only original spare parts are used.
Failure to follow the above advice can affect



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