Technical features – KORTING OKB481CRC User Manual

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the safety of your appliance.

Make sure that the knobs are on “0”

(closed) when the appliance is not in use.

Keep from sitting and put heavy objects on

the oven door when it is open.

When in use the appliance becomes very

hot. Do not touch the heated elements inside

the oven.
The appliance must not be used by peo-

ple (including children) with limited physi-
cal, sensory or mental abilities, or without
experience or expertise, unless they have
received instructions for using it from those
responsible for their safety.

Young children should be supervised to

ensure they not play with the appliance. The
manufacturer reserves the right to make
modifi cations that may be necessary and
useful, without prejudicing essential safety
and working features. The manufacturer can
not be considered responsible for possible
damages arising from a wrong installation
or incorrect use of the appliance.

After-sales service and spare parts
In the event of malfunction, do not attempt to

repair the appliance yourself. Repairs carried out

by unqualifi ed individuals may cause damage
and accidents. The fi rst thing to do is to consult
this user handbook. If you cannot fi nd the infor-
mation required, contact your nearest after-sales
service. Any work on the appliance must be car-
ried out by an authorized service centre. Always
insist on the use of original spare parts.

This appliance is marked according to the

Europeandirective 2002/96/EC on Waste Elec-
tricaland Electronic Equipment (WEEE).By en-
suring this product is disposed of correctly,you
will help prevent potential negativeconsequenc-
es for the environment and humanhealth, which
could otherwise be caused byinappropriate
waste handling of this product.

The symbol 5 on the product, or on thedocu-

ments accompanying the product, indicatesthat
this appliance may not be treated ashousehold
waste. Instead it shall be handedover to the ap-
plicable collection point for therecycling of elec-
trical and electronic equipment.Disposal must
be carried out in accordance withlocal environ-
mental regulations forwastedisposal.For more
detailed information about treatment.recovery
and recycling of this product, pleasecontact
your local city offi ce, your householdwaste dis-
posal service or the shop where youpurchased
the product.




Working sizes (mm) LxPxH


Static oven (kW)


Oven capacity (I)

60 It

Fan oven (kW)





Supply voltage 230 V-