How to cook, General information and use precautions, Cooking functions – KORTING OKB481CRC User Manual

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Temp. °C
max 260

Note: the oven must be used with the door closed.
Functions are only activated once the thermostat knob has been set to
the desired temperature
Oven light
When you turn the control knob to position

ɒ the light will be on for all

the following operations.
Defrosting with fan
Ambient temperature air is distributed inside the oven to defrost food
more quickly without protein adulteration.

60 * 260

Medium grill
Selecting this function switches on the central upper heating element for
direct radiation of heat over food.

60 * 200

Large grill
Selecting this function switches on the two upper heating elements
for direct radiation of heat over food. This function can be used with
temperatures from 60 to 200°C.

60 * 260

Lower heating element + fan
The air which is heated by the lower heating element is circulated by
the fan and so helps to distribute the heat between 60 and 260°C. This
function can be used for sterilizing glass jars.


N.B. Set any timer, clock or programmer

to manual mode (see section on page 6).

At the fi rst use of the oven, it’s normal to

smeel the protective oils used in manufacture
burning off.

Leave oven on maximum setting for approxi-

mately one hour before use.

At the end of the initial heating, let the oven

cool down and clean the inside with detergent
and warm water. Before using, wash all grid ac-
cessories, baking-pan and trays.

N.B. Before carryng out cleaning, discon-

nect the appliance from electrical supply.

General information
and use precautions

The oven must be used with the door closed.
Always hold the handle in the middle, to

open the oven door.

When you open the oven door, beware hot


Use protective gloves to insert or to extract

containers from the oven.

Use containers resistant to the temperatures

indicated on the thermostat knob.

After use of the oven, be sure that all con-

trols are in the off position..

Never roast or bake on the oven base.


NOTE: The symbols on the selector knob vary from one model to another. The oven selector

knobs can be used to select the following functions.