Side opening door, Oven light (depending on model) – KORTING OKB481CRC User Manual

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Side opening door.

N.B.: The door’s opening direction (right-

hand or left-hand) can be changed.

Warning: this operation must be carried

out by skilled staff during assembly.

1) Open the oven door and undo the two

screws in the block A (see fi gure 12). (N.B.:
when block A is unscrewed, the bottom of

the door is left completely free. Two people
are therefore needed for this operation, one
to hold the door fi rmly while the screws are

2) Reassemble the door on the required side

of the oven, use the new block A (accessory
supplied with the appliance) and reverse the
above instructions.

Oven light
(depending on model)

fi g. 13-14.

The oven bulb is a special kind which is re-

sistant to high temperatures. Replace it as
follows: disconnect the oven from the power

supply by removing the plug or switching off
the power supply at the mains; remove the pro-
tective glass (A) and replace the burnt-out bulb
with one of the same type. Replace the protec-
tive glass.

Important: if the oven is no longer to be used, it should be made inoperable by cutting the

power supply cable, after unplugging it from the power supply. Disused appliances can be a safety
risk as children often play with them. For this reason it is advisable to make the oven safe.