Cleaning and maintenance, Removal of oven door – KORTING OKB481CRC User Manual

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Wait until the appliance has cooled down be-

fore attempting to clean it.

Disconnect it from the power supply, either by

pulling the plug out or switching off the power
supply at the mains.

NOTE: Do not use steam cleaners to clean

the oven.

Clean enamelled, chromed or painted parts

with warm water and soap, or non-corrosive
liquid detergent. Clean stainless steel parts us-
ing methylated spirit of a suitable commercially
produced solution. Clean aluminium panels or
edges with cotton wool or with a cloth soaked in
vaseline or a seed-based oil. Clean and then go
over it with methylated spirit.

Never use abrasives, corrosive detergents,

bleaches or acids for cleaning the oven.

Do not leave corrosive or acidic substances

(lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) on enamelled, paint-
ed or stainless steel parts.

Removal of oven door

To make cleaning easier, remove the oven

door as follows:

1) open the door halfway and remove the glass

stoppers A, the profi le

ȼ (as shown in fi g. 11)

and the glass C, as shown in fi g. 11 A.

2) open the oven door completely.
3 ) fl ip the hinge hooks “A” outwards (see fi g.


4) shut the oven door slowly until it reaches

hooks “A”, making sure these are locked
into slots “

ȼ” of the oven door, as shown in

fi g. 110

5) Using both hands, push the oven door

lightly inwards, toenable the door hinges “C”
to come away from the slots “D” (see fi g.
11D) and pull the door towards you until it
is released from the oven. After cleaning it,
reposition it correctly following the abovest-
eps in the reverse order and fl ipping hooks
“A” inwardsbefore you shut the oven door
(fi g. 11E).