Installation, Installing the appliance, Fitting the appliance – KORTING OKB481CRC User Manual

Page 22: Electrical connection, Connecting of feeding cable, Connection to normal socket

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After removing the appliance from the pack-

aging, make sure that it is undamaged and that
the electrical lead is in perfect condition. Oth-
erwise, contact your dealer before putting the
appliance into operation.

Be careful not to leave the packing materials

(plastic sheeting, expanded polystyrene etc.)
where children can get at them, as they can be
dangerous.Installation should be carried out ac-
cording to the instructions by a professionally
qualifi ed person.The manufacturer declines all
responsibility for any damage to persons, ani-
mals or things due to a wrong installation.

Installing the appliance

For the most effi cient air circulation, the oven

should be fi tted according to the dimensions
shown in fi g. 2.

Fitting the appliance

Fit the appliance into its surround (beneath a

work-top or above another appliance) by insert-
ing screws into the 2 holes that can be seen in
the frame of the oven when the door is open
(fi g. 2).

The panels of the adjoining furniture should

be heat resistant. Particularly when the adjoin-
ing furniture is made of veneered wood, the ad-
hesives should be able to withstand

a temperature of 100°C. Plastic materials or

adhesive which cannot withstand this tempera-
ture will become deformed or unstuck.

To comply with safety regulations, once the

appliance has been fi tted it should not be pos-
sible to make contact with the electrical parts.

All parts which offer protection should be fi xed

in such a way that they cannot be removed
without the use of a tool.

Electrical connection

Electric connection has to be done according

to rules and law provisions in force. Before do-
ing the connection, check the following:

The electric power and sockets are suitable to

maximum power of the oven (See data plate
on the appliance).



The appliance’s electrical safety can only be

guaranteed when it has been correctly connect-
ed to a properly earthed power supply, as laid
down in the regulations for electrical safety.

Important: the manufacturer cannot be held

responsible for any damage to persons or ob-
jects due to the lack of an earth connection.

Never use reducers, adaptors or branches for


Connecting of feeding cable

If apparatus is not fi tted with feeding cable,

use cable Mod. H05RR-F or H05RN-F 3 x 1.5
sq. mm. stating suitable section of the cable
which has to be connected to terminal.

To obtain that you have to:

Connect the supply cable to the terminal strip

of the oven (fi g. 3), keeping the earth wire 3
cm. longer than the active conductors (live/
neutral) .

Connect cable’s wires as follows:

L = (live) brown or red wire
N = (neutral) blue wire
± = (earth) yellow - green wire.

N.B. the power supply lead must be posi-

tioned so that it does not reach a tempera-
ture 50°C above the room temperature in any

Connection to normal socket

Connect feeding cable a normal plug suit-

able to the load stated on data plate. When the
cooker has been built-in household check that
the plug is accesible.