Ironwood Electronics GHZ BGA Socket (Direct Mount, vertical elastomer - Hardware) Assembly Instructions User Manual

Bga socket, Direct mount - hardware) assembly instructions

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Socket Base

Filename:, Rev A, 1/18/00, IP

Target PCB with SMT pads

Top Assembly

Compression Screw

Compression plate

BGA Package

Z-Axis Elastomer

Machine Screw

Socket Lid

Machine Screw

Alignment plate



BGA Socket

(direct mount - hardware)

Assembly Instructions


Tele: (800) 404-0204

1. Install the socket base on top of alignment plate on the target PCB with the hardware provided.

2. Place the square piece of elastomer provided into the socket base (rotation and 'side up' orientation are not critical).

3. Adjust the elastomer to sit into the alignment plate cavity.

4. Place BGA package (solder ball side down) into the socket. NOTE: BGA orientation on target PCB is critical.

5. Place the compession plate (if required*) on top of the BGA package.

6. Install the socket top assembly with the hardware provided (four 0-80 screws).

7. Turn the compression screw clockwise, until it makes contact with the compression plate or the BGA package.

8. Turn an additional quarter-turn.

*Ironwood Electronics technical staff will determine (from your package spec) if a compression plate is required

Tooling holes have to be designed into the target PCB for this version of the GHz BGA socket