Ironwood Electronics SMT adaptor + GHZ BGA Socket - Assembly Instructions User Manual

Bga socket, And smt adaptor, Assembly instructions

background image

Socket base

Target PCB with SMT pads

Top Assembly

Compression Screw

Compression plate

BGA Package


Socket Lid

Socket lid screw

Dowel pin

Socket Base Assembly

SMT Adaptor

Socket base screw (use the ones that supplied with SMT adaptor)



BGA Socket

and SMT adaptor

Assembly Instructions


Tele: (800) 404-0204

1. Apply water soluble or no clean flux on the target PCB lands.

2. Apply a small amount of TAC flux on opposite corners of the PCB lands.

3. Note the target board land pattern orientation and the adaptor's orientation mark. Place SMT adaptor (solder ball side down) onto
the fluxed target PCB lands.

4. Reflow. For more detailed instructions on the reflowing Ironwood solder ball parts see "BGA Surface Mount Foot Soldering

5. Install the socket base assembly on the SMT adaptor with the hardware (socket base screws) provided (see Detail A for

6. Place BGA package (solder ball side down) into the socket. NOTE: BGA orientation on target PCB is critical.

7. Place the compession plate on top of the BGA package.

8. Install the socket top assembly on to the socket base assembly and swivel to lock into the position.

9. Turn the compression screw clockwise, until it makes contact with the compression plate or the BGA package.

10. Turn an additional 1/8th of a turn.

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