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Quick Install Guide


Unpacking and Inspection

Carefully unpack the xFilter chassis, power cords, mount-

ing rails, and cables. The xFilter chassis is delivered with

the following components:

• 1––xFilter chassis
• 2––Power cords
• 1––Rack mounting rails (left and right rail sets)
• 1––Package containing rack mounting fasteners
• 1––Rack handle accessory kit
• 1––AC power cord bracket
• 1––Power cord cable clamp

Check the packing slip against parts received. If any com-

ponent is missing or damaged, contact Net Optics Custom-

er Service immediately at (408) 737-7777 or at



Rack Mounting the xFilter Chassis

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The xFilter chassis is designed for rack mounting in a

19-inch equipment rack and occupies one rack unit. Each

mounting slide has two components that comprise the

slide: an outer member and an inner member.

To rack mount the xFilter chassis:
1. Align and fasten the inner rail extensions to both sides

of the xFilter chassis using two screws on each side.

2. Attach the outer rails to the outside of the front outer

rails, aligning the pins with the slides.
Both rail ends must face in the same direction.

3. Adjust the outer rails to the proper distance so that the

rails fit together snugly in the rack.

4. Secure the front outer rails to the front rack posts using

two screws and washers on each side of the equipment


5. Secure the rear outer rails to the rear back posts using

two screws and washers on each side of the equipment


6. Slide the xFilter chassis into the rack by aligning the

inner rails with the outer rails and pushing the chassis

in until you hear the locking tabs click into position.

Inner Rails

(pre-installed on chassis)

Inner Rail


Secure to the

Front of the Rack

Secure to the

Rear of the Rack

Attach Outer Racks