Net Optics iTap 10_100_1000BaseT Port Aggregator User Manual

Intelligent tap, The world’s only intelligent tap

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Intelligent Tap


The iTap Port Aggregator makes network
monitoring easier. The powerful combi-
nation of a permanent, passive access
point and remote monitoring of key traffic
indicators increases your management
options and speeds response to troubled
links. When an iTap Port Aggregator
indicates high utilization or CRC errors are
occurring on a critical network link, you
are given timely warning without relying
on other time-consuming tools.

The iTap Port Aggregator displays the link
utilization level in both directions in real
time, with the size and time of the last
peak, right on the front panel. The iTap
Port Aggregator is accessible from remote
interfaces that provide information and
control from anywhere in the network.
The iTap Port Aggregator gives you the
information the passive and fail-open
access point you need to respond quickly
to network events.

For greater flexibility and response speed,
use iTap Port Aggregators with Net
Optics’ SpyderSwitches and control the
deployment of your analyzers from one
point without disturbing a single network


• Real time traffic utilization levels
• Size and time of the greatest traffic peaks
• Counters for total packets, total bytes,

CRC errors, collisions, and more

• Status for system, link, and power


• Browser-based Web Manager
• Management Information Base (MIB) for

third-party SNMP tools

• SNMP tool, System Manager
• SNMP traps indicate status changes for

system, link, power, and threshold

• Wireless option (IEEE 802.11b,11Kbps)


• Turn off Management and Monitor Ports
• Set utilization alarm threshold
• Reset statistics counters and peak data
• Turn off LCD information
• Operate in Half-duplex (Tap) mode
• Enforce accurate packet ordering
• Timestamp packet arrival times

Easy to Use

• Uses only one monitoring device NIC
• At-a-glance monitoring from front panel
• Completely passive and device neutral
• Cables included
• Application diagram shows all connections

Aggregation + information =

network monitoring flexibility

intelligent tap


The World’s Only Intelligent Tap

iTap 10/100/1000BaseT Port Aggregator

Best in Aggregation

The iTap Port Aggregator combines and
regenerates both directions of a full-duplex
stream, sending all aggregated traffic out
one or two separate passive monitoring
ports. Typically, full-duplex monitoring
with a network tap requires two NICs (or a
dual-channel NIC)—one interface for each
side of the full-duplex link. Net Optics’
iTap Port Aggregator enables one or two
devices to simultaneously monitor a full-
duplex link using only one NIC per device.

After the traffic has been aggregated to
a single flow, it is no longer possible to
distinguish the utilization levels of each
side of the bi-directional link. The iTap
Port Aggregator tracks the utilization
levels before aggregation, keeping this
vital information easily accessible from its
remote and command line interfaces.

With its visual display, remote interfaces,
and well-buffered aggregation, Net
Optics’ iTap Port Aggregator creates an
entirely new category of passive access

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