Fluid Components International ST51 User Manual

St51 mass flow meter, Installation and operation guide

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The ST51 can be specified with integral or remote electronics. The flow element has a serial number etched into the side of the
extension pipe as shown on figure A. The transmitter circuit card has a serial number noted on the board as shown in figure B. The
flow sensor and transmitter circuit have been calibrated as a matched set and should be paired together in service unless otherwise
approved by a factory technician.

Flow Direction Alignment
All sensor elements have a flow arrow indicator marked on the element assembly at the reference flat. These flow elements have
been calibrated in a particular direction and are designed to be used in service with the flow arrow facing in the same direction as
flow in the pipe stream. See Appendix C for orientation and factory calibration details.


Installation and Operation Guide

Recommended Straight Run
To optimize flow meter system performance, FCI recommends installation with a minimum of 20 pipe diameters upstream straight run
and 10 pipe diameters of downstream straight run. Where straight run limitations significantly reduce the available pipe diameters, FCI
utilizes Vortab flow conditioners to produce a transferable flow profile from the calibration installation to actual field installations.
FCI’s proprietary AVAL software is available to make flow meter installation evaluations where straight run limitations are considered.
See Fig C for recommended installation.

FCI Flow Meters may be installed with less than the recommended straight run, but may have performance limitations. FCI offers
Vortab flow conditioners for use in applications that have significant straight run limitations. FCI uses the AVAL application model-
ing software to predict meter performance in each installation. AVAL outputs are available to review prior to order placement and
will indicate performance expectations both with and without Vortab Flow Conditioning.

Figure C

Figure A

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Flow Direction

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