Taylor 7 8 – Little Colorado Bench Toy Box 17 User Manual

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Quality Wooden Children’s Furniture and Accessories

Made in America

Established 1987






Bench Toy Box Assembly Instructions- Continued

Revised 09/09



Please Recycle Instructions

Now that you have completed the assembly,

open and close the lid 10 times to break in the

lid support mechanism.

The lid should not fall when the Lid Support is

properly installed.

If the lid does not stay in position when raised,

please call us and we will help you. Until the lid

support is properly installed, do not allow

children to use this product.

Now use the tapered


to fill in the exterior

screw holes located on the outside face of the

Arm Rests. The finished face of the Plug should

be showing.




If you would like your Bench Toy Box Personalized

with your child’s name. Contact us at 303 964 3212

and we will take your order and mail you your

child’s name complete with mounting instructions.

If you have any problems, please call us and we will help you 303 964 3212 or email info@littlecolorado.com 4450 Lipan St.,Denver, CO 80211

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Use and Care Instructions

The finish on this product is an environmentally friendly water base acrylic made by Sherwin Williams. It may be cleaned with a furniture polish,

lemon oil or a non abrasive cleaner using a soft cloth. DO NOT USE AMMONIA or products containing ammonia such as Windex glass or

multi-surface cleaner. Scuff marks can usually be removed by using a polishing compound sold at auto parts stores.

Little Colorado, Inc is a family run children’s furniture manufacturer located in Denver. Please check out


to see our

other products that are all made here in America. The safety of your children is our highest concern. We are a


company and hope you

will be able to recycle the packaging material that we used to ship your product.

If you have a comment or a question please contact us at info at info@littlecolorado.com. All of us at Little Colorado hope you and your family

will enjoy this product for many years.

Face of Plug

Failure to properly install

the lid support will result in

an entrapment hazard.