IntelliTrack WMS – Warehouse Management System User Manual

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IntelliTrack WMS RF Server v7.1


tion. This option will allow you to uninstall this program, and roll back
your data. If you do not create backup files, you WILL NOT be able to
uninstall the software or rollback the system to a previous state. Select
Yes to create a backup. If you do not want to create a backup, select No.
If you choose to create a backup, you must select a destination folder.
The default folder is C:\Program Files\Intelli-
Track\WMS\RF Server\BACKUP. If you want to select a different
destination folder location, click the Browse button and navigate to the
new folder location.
When you are ready to continue, click Next.


The Select Components window appears. It contains two check boxes:
RF Server and Windows Clients. Check the options that you want to
install. (By default, both options are selected.) Note that each option
lists the space needed to install this option. The Disk Space Required
lists the amount of disk space required to install both components. The
Disk Space Remaining lists the amount of disk space remaining on
your PC. Be sure you have enough room on your PC to install the
WMS RF Server components. When you ready to continue, click Next.


The Select Program Manager Group window appears. The name of the
Program Manager Group is entered in this window. By default, the pro-
gram manager group name is IntelliTrack\WMS\RF Server. To
change this name, enter a new name in this window, or select another
program group from the list that appears underneath the program man-
ager group name field. When you are ready to continue, click Next.


The MSDE/SQL Server Information window appears. It contains the
following fields:
MSDE/SQL Server: The name of the MSDE/SQL Server is automati-
cally filled in by the installation wizard. Please make sure the correct
MSDE or SQL Server name, and if applicable, instance name are
entered in this field.
Database: The name of the database is automatically filled in by the
installation wizard as WMS. If you wish to rename the database, enter
the new name in this field.
Entering a Username and Password for Logging Into MSDE/SQL
You must enter either a username and password, OR check the NT
Authentication check box, as follows: