IntelliTrack WMS – Warehouse Management System User Manual

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IntelliTrack WMS RF Server v7.1


The WMS RF Server uses a separate license code from the WMS
Workstation Application. Hence, you must register your WMS RF
Server. After you register IntelliTrack WMS RF Server, the Registra-
tion wizard will no longer appear at application startup. At this time,
you may choose to open the RF Server application in demo mode, or
register your product:
• To open the application in Demo Mode, select the Demonstration

Mode option and then click Next. The License Number defaults to
DEMO, which allows you to run the IntelliTrack WMS RF Server
in Demo mode. When you run the application in demo mode, be
aware that it limits the number of items to thirty five and your con-
nection time to twenty minutes.

• To register the application at this computer, select the Register/

Activate Software Using this Computer option and then click