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Quick Start Guide


Opening IntelliTrack WMS RF Server on

your PC

The final step in the installation process is opening the workstation applica-
tion: from the Windows Start menu, select Start > Programs > Intelli-
> WMS > RF Server to open the WMS RF Server application on
your desktop computer. Because you have not registered WMS RF Server,
the Registration Wizard appears. You may register the product at this time,
or choose to enter the application in the demo mode. To enter the applica-
tion in the demo mode, select the Demo option and click Next. The Login
window appears.

Click the drop-down arrow in the User ID field and select a user ID (upon
installation your application is populated with sample data, including sam-
ple users). Click the Do It button to open the application (since you are
using sample data, security is not yet enabled, and a password is not
required). The application opens in demonstration mode. For more infor-
mation about registering the WMS application with the Registration Wiz-
ard, please refer to the

“Registering and Activating your Application” on

page 9


Exiting IntelliTrack WMS RF Server

To close the WMS RF Server workstation application:

Select File > Exit from the main menu to exit IntelliTrack WMS RF

Click the Windows Close icon (X) in the upper right corner of the

Registering and Activating your Application

Your RF Server application is registered and activated via the License Ser-
vice, which is installed with your workstation application. For more infor-
mation about using the License Service to register and activate your RF
Server application, please refer to your WMS Workstation Application
Quick Start Guide.