Installing your application – IntelliTrack WMS – Warehouse Management System User Manual

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Quick Start Guide


Authentication Type: When adding the database to an existing
MSDE/SQL Server installation, know the type of authentication used
by your system:
Mixed security: If Mixed security is used, the sa password is required.
Windows domain security only: If this option is used by the system,
users must be given read/write permissions to the WMS database
BEFORE running WMS RF Server.


Windows XP Firewall: (Please consult your network administrator

before applying any firewall exceptions.) If you use Windows XP and
it is required that the Windows Firewall remain on, please note the fol-
lowing requirements: The WMS RF Server application must be added
as an exception. A port for the portable devices must be added: if you
are using Windows CE devices with Telnet, add TCP Port 23; if you are
using DOS devices, add TCP Port 3000.

Installing your Application

IntelliTrack WMS RF Server v7.x operates in a network environment and
involves application and server setup.

Installation Terms

During RF Server installation, you will come across various terms. These
terms, as they relate to installing IntelliTrack WMS RF Server, are defined

MSDE: The Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine is a “lite” version
of SQL Server 2000. If you are upgrading your application and use
MSDE to run the database, the system will continue to use MSDE.

SQL Server 2000 or higher: The SQL Server is an application that
runs the WMS database. It may be used in conjunction with WMS
(instead of MSDE or SQL Express). If you use SQL Server with WMS
you do not need to run a full installation or a SQL Server installation.

SQL Express: A “lite” version of SQL Server 2005 that is used to run
the database. If you are a new user and do not have SQL Server-Full
version installed on your system, SQL Express will be installed during
the installation process to run the database.

PC or Machine: Refers to a desktop computer that runs the WMS