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Welcome to WMS RF Server. The WMS RF Server is available in two ver-
sions: Standard and Professional. The WMS RF Standard and Professional
versions use radio frequency (RF) technology to collect inventory informa-
tion on a handheld device and transfer that information to the workstation
application. The program inside the handheld device transmits information
via RF technology to the WMS RF Server application that resides within
the PC, which in turn updates the WMS database.

The WMS RF Server is installed on a PC server. It is licensed for concur-
rent users. This allows the amount of users licensed to run RF terminals to
use them simultaneously. The RF Server application is installed and regis-
tered separately from the workstation application.

Pre-Installation Process when Upgrading

If installing an upgrade, the previous version of WMS RF Server Applica-
tion MUST BE REMOVED from your system BEFORE installing the new
software. Use the Windows control panel to Add/Remove Programs and
remove the WMS RF Server application from your computer. Use Win-
dows Explorer to delete the directory where the previous version was

Custom Changes to WMS

Custom modifications to WMS are not preserved with WMS upgrades.
After upgrading your WMS application, any modifications will need to be
reimplemented in the new installation. For questions about WMS v7.x and
previous software customizations, please contact IntelliTrack Software
Services by email at


or by telephone at 410-771-