Piping – Yokogawa Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 User Manual

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IM 11M12A01-01E-A

5. Piping


Piping to the High Temperature Probe Adapter

The measured gas should be at a temperature below 700°C (1292°F) before reaching the

detector sensor. If the gas is under negative pressure, it should be fed to the detector by suction.
If the measured gas is under negative pressure, connect the auxiliary eductor as illustrated in

Figure 5.1. Mount the pressure gauge as close as possible to the auxiliary eductor. However, if
the ambient temperature is too high, mount the gauge in a location with an ambient temperature
below 40ºC (104 ºF).

Figure 5.1 Mounting the Auxiliary Eductor


Mounting the Auxiliary Eductor

If the temperature of the sample gas exceeds the specified value and its pressure exceeds 0.49
kPa, the sample gas temperature may not fall below 700°C (1292°F) at the detector. In such a case,
connect a needle valve through a nipple to the probe adapter sample gas exhaust, so that the
sample gas exhaust volume is restricted. For additional eductor options, refer to chapter 6 of this

Figure 5.2 Mounting the needle valve for restricting exhaust flow