Zr22p high temperature adapter – Yokogawa Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 User Manual

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IM 11M12A01-01E-A

ZR22P High Temperature Adapter



The purpose of the ZR22P High Temperature Adapter is to accommodate the ZR22 series of Zirconia Oxygen
Detectors for use in process gas temperatures that exceed 700ºC (1292 ºF). The adapter is also used in high
temperature applications that are subject to frequent plugging or clogging, such as lime kilns, or fuels with high
particulate loading.



The ZR22P High Temperature Adapter uses air pressure to draw a sample away from the process and cool
the process sample to a temperature below 700C. This allows the Zirconia oxygen detector to operate
safely away from the high temperatures that would otherwise damage the probe, heater and cell assembly.

The ZR22P Probe can be designed to accommodate the varying needs of the process sample. For negative
process pressures, the High Temperature Adapter can be fitted with an air eductor to draw the sample from
the primary process and bring it to the ZR22G detector.

Several models of the ZR22P are available for different applications and environments. For ordering
information and part numbers, please refer to the Oxygen Selection Guide