Yokogawa Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 User Manual

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IM 11M12A01-01E-A




High Temperature Probe Adapter

Tee Configuration


Basic Design (Side Eductor Port)


Basic Design (Bottom Port)


Split Design (For Blowback)

Transport Tube Material


Silicon Carbide (SIC). Up to 2600°F / 1427°C


310 S Stainless Steel. Up to 1980°F / 1082°C


Alumina Ceramic. Up to 3400°F / 1871°C


No Transport Tube

Insertion Length


0.3 meter (11. 8”)


0.5 meter (18”)


1.0 meter (3’ 3”)


1.5 meter (4’ 11”)


3.0 meter (9’ 10”) Requires Probe Support or


No Transport Tube

Flange Connection


ANSI 4.0 inch, 150# FF Flange

Option: Heater System


Aux heater system (to 600°F). Incl. controller & heater

Option: Blowback Valve


Automatic valve (Only with ZR22P-S)

Option: Eductor


Heated air eductor pre-attached with regulator & gauge

Cannot be used with /HT, /AV of -F.


Air ejector with return exhaust pre-attached with
regulator & gauge.


Separate air ejector, regulator (NOT pre-attached)


Stainless Steel tag plate