Eductor options – Yokogawa Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 User Manual

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IM 11M12A01-01E-A

6. Eductor Options

The Eductor option(s) are used to draw the sample through the high temperature adapter when the process
pressure is negative.


Air Eductor, Pre-Attached with Regulator and Gauge (/BE Option).*

*This option cannot be used with the /HT or /AV options.

Note: The /BE option is a pre-attached, pre-heated instrument air connection. This eductor option
pre-heats the instrument air via convective heat from the adapter. As contact heat from the process
gases heat the adapter, the convective heat raises the temperature of the instrument air. The
purpose for heating the instrument air is to prevent condensation build up from clogging the eductor.
Refer to Figure 6.1. The process gases are then vented to atmosphere, instead of being piped back
into the process. Additional dimensions can be found in Appendix B.

Figure 6.1 ZR22P…/BE

Clean dry instrument air should be used to prevent condensation, and allows for a more accurate
measurement. A general purpose air regulator should be used to adjust the flow of instrument air
entering the eductor. The Yokogawa model M1132KD Pressure Regulator is recommended for use
with this application. Refer to Table 5.1 for applicable tubing and connections.

Note: * Flow to the eductor should not exceed the recommended air supply of 20 psig.
Note: ** The /BE Eductor Option cannot be used with the /HT or /AV Options.