Yokogawa Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer System ZR22/ZR402 User Manual

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IM 11M12A01-01E-A


Air Eductor, Exhaust Return (/ER Option).*

*This option cannot be used with the /HT option.

Note: The /ER option has pre-attached instrument air piped to the adapter to draw the sample up to
the probe. The eductor creates a vacuum, which draws the sample through the transport tube and
past the ZR22G Probe. The process gases are then piped back into the process through the adapter
flange. See Figure 6.2. The air supply to the eductor is fed through a 1/8” NPT internal connection.
Plumbing to the eductor is customer supplied. Clean, dry instrument air should be used for this
application at a pressure no greater than 20 psi.

The components that make the eductor return include the air eductor, regulator and gauge; however,
the regulator and gauge are remote from the unit.

Figure 6.2 Eductor Return (/ER Option)