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A user name and password are required before the Wi-Fi Remote application (Wi-Fi enabled
device connected to the Wi-Fi network) can access the transmitter in order to operate the

camcorder. Additionally, you can set a unique camcorder identification code and designate the

port that Wi-Fi Remote should use. The Wi-Fi connection will be disabled while you change
these settings.

[User Name]*, [Password]* Protect the remote operation of the camcorder with a user name

and password.

[Port No.]

The port number (HTTP protocol) used by Wi-Fi Remote. This is

usually set to port 80, but you can change it if necessary.

[Camera ID]

Set a unique camcorder identification code that will appear on the

Wi-Fi Remote screen. This is convenient if you are using a multi-

camera shooting setup.

* Required settings.


Open the [Camera Settings] submenu.

[w Other Functions] > [Wi-Fi Remote] > [Camera



Select the desired setting and then
press SET.


Enter the desired value as described

If necessary, repeat steps 2 and 3 to set additional

settings. When you finish changing the settings,

select [L], press SET and then close the menu.

When you close the menu after changing the

camcorder’s settings, the camcorder will reconnect

to the Wi-Fi network using the new settings.

[User Name], [Password], [Camera ID]

1 Use the joystick or turn the SELECT dial to select a character and then press SET

to add it.

Repeat this step as necessary to enter the necessary text.

2 After entering the desired text, select [OK] and then press SET.

Camcorder Settings for
Camcorders Without Multi-User



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