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You can save up to 5 different network configuration profiles. You can select which one to use

depending on where you plan to use the camcorder. If you just saved a new network
configuration (A 18), the camcorder will automatically connect to that Wi-Fi network and this

procedure is not required.


Open the Wi-Fi [Select] submenu.

[w Other Functions] > [Wi-Fi Remote] > [Select]


Select the desired configuration
number and then press SET.

Connections via an access point

(Infrastructure): The camcorder will connect to
the network using the configuration just saved.


icon will appear on the upper left of the

screen, first in yellow while connecting and then in
white when the connection is established. In the

rear panel, the bars of the

icon indicate the

strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

AP mode/Ad Hoc connections: After the

icon turns white, the camcorder is ready to

connect directly to the Wi-Fi enabled device.
Perform the procedure to connect the device

(A 18).

Selecting a Configuration Number



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