HP OneView User Manual

Hp oneview 1.05 user guide

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HP OneView 1.05 User Guide


This guide describes HP OneView features, interfaces, resource model design, and secure working environment. It describes
up-front planning considerations and how to use the HP OneView appliance UI or REST APIs to configure, manage, monitor,
and troubleshoot your data center infrastructure. It also includes information about the SCMB (State-Change Message Bus) and
a step-by-step example that configures a sample data center from start to finish. It is intended for infrastructure administrators,
network administrators, and server administrators that plan, configure, and manage data center hardware and software
throughout its lifecycle, and for backup administrators and operations personnel that monitor and troubleshoot data center
hardware and software.

HP Part Number: 5900-3730
Published: March 2014
Edition: 1

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