Innovate Motorsports Autronic Output Cable User Manual

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Autronic Output Cable Instructions

The analog output Autronic Cable has five color-coded cable ends. There are
three leads that are associated with the interface to the Autronic ECU. The
red cable is the Autronic-modified output, black is ground, and the blue
needs to be supplied with 12V.

Program the analog output 1 as follows: 0V=10AFR and 5V=20AFR. The
screen on the LM Programmer should look like this:

Under “Advanced..” select a response speed of 1/6th sec.

For the Autronic SM2 use the Red cable to pin 20 (O2 input), Blue cable to
pin 1 (12v supply), and Black is to be grounded at the ECU’s case.

For the Autronic SMC use Red cable to pin 7 (O2 input), Blue cable to pin 25
(12v supply), and Black is to be grounded at the ECU’s case.

The two other cables are the white which is the analog (unmodified) output 2
and the green wire is the appropriate ground for this output. These can be
used for an external data logger, analog display, or any device that can
interface with a 0-5V reference.