Innovate Motorsports Analog Display User Manual

Innovate Motorsports Measuring instruments

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Analog Display Instructions

1) Connect the included 12-in. 3-wire cable to the back of the gauge as follows: red wire to pin

#2, black wire to pin # 4, and green wire to pin # 5.

2) Connect either one of the LM-1/LC-1 analog outputs to input #2 of the gauge (red wire). The


Analog Output Cable is wired as follows: Red is LM-1 output #1, and White is output

#2. The LC-1 analog output # 1 is Yellow and analog output # 2 is Brown.

3) Connect



analog Ground (copper shield wire on analog output cable) to gauge

input #5 (green wire). For the LC-1 you will need to run a separate wire from the System and
Analog connection ground to the gauge input #5 (green wire).

4) Connect gauge input #4 to ignition 12V (or other switched 12V supply).
5) Connect the LM-1/LC-1 to the computer and open LM Programmer. Program the appropriate

analog output as follows: 1V=8AFR (.544 λ) and .0V=18AFR (1.224 λ). The analog display
will now precisely display the analog output of your LM-1/LC-1.

30-0020, Rev. F