Innovate Motorsports RAD-1 User Manual

Rad-1 user manual

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RAD-1 User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the RAD-1. This precision digital audio inclinometer
is factory-calibrated to read 0 degrees in both X and Y axis when set in a level
position. To install in vehicle, first make sure vehicle is level to within 1 degree
in both axis, use a bubble level or equivalent if necessary. Attach RAD-1 unit to
dash or windshield mount, turn on unit and adjust position until both X and Y
axis read 0 degrees. Make sure the unit is tightly secured. The RAD—1 will
now accurately display your vehicles angle in both axis from 0 to 60 degrees.

The RAD-1 will also provide an audio alert warning you when approaching a
maximum angle that you have chosen and programmed into the unit’s
memory. The unit is designed to begin a beep sequence 14 degrees prior to
reaching your maximum preset angle. This will provide advance warning when
approaching your vehicle’s maximum sustainable angle, thus allowing time for
corrective action.

The RAD-1 will also store the maximum angle experienced by the vehicle.
Decimal points in the angle values indicate a negative angle relative to the
driver’s position. The RAD-1 is designed for speeds below 5 MPH, and the
speeds in excess of 5MPH will skew the unit’s internal sensors used to
calculate angle of inclination.


By using this product, you agree that you alone are responsible for your

vehicle‘s performance, and you indemnify Innovate for any damages.

Operating the RAD-1:

Pressing left button:


Uo - Volume, toggle by pressing the right button.
Press left button again to select desired value and
advance menu to recall maximum angles.


rP - Recall Passenger (Recall of maximum angle
experienced in positive tilt (passenger seat up).

3 times

rD - Recall Driver angle in positive tilt.

4 times

rF - Recall front angle (Front of vehicle pointed up)

5 times

rb -Recall back angle (Rear of vehicle pointed up)

6 times

rE -Recall angle erase. Press right button to erase
all values. Press left button to advance to set
passenger maximum angles.

7 times

SP -set passenger maximum angle. Press right
button to toggle thru values from 0 to 60 degrees.
Pressing left button will set desired value and
advance to set driver maximum angle.

8 times

Sd -Set driver maximum angle. Press right button to
set. Press left button to advance to next item.

9 times

SF -Set front max angle. Press right button to set.
Press left button to advance.

10 times

Sb -Set back max angle. Press right button to set.
Press left button to advance.

11 times

br -set brightness. Press right button to toggle
through bright and dim setting.

12 times

Return to normal operation

To turn unit

Press and hold the right button (from normal
operation, not in set up) for 2 seconds.

To turn unit ON:

Press right button for 1 second.


During set up mode, if the unit is left unattended for
15 seconds the display will return to normal

Other Notes:

Your vehicle’s center of gravity depends on many factors, including weight,
ride height, wheelbase and axel width. Generally speaking, a higher vehicle
with narrow axel width and short wheelbase will tip over at a lower angle than a
vehicle that is lower to the ground with wider axels. Adding weight to the upper
portion of your vehicle will also change its center of gravity. The RAD-1 is
designed to aid in your understanding of the characteristics of your vehicle.

Always use caution when operating off road and never exceed the limits of
your vehicle.