Night Guard Home Surveillance System C3-RS-900LCD User Manual

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button of the LCD screen transceiver.

Back to 1st Car Operation:

1. Press the

first, within 3 seconds press and hold


buttons at the same time for 2 seconds. One long beeping

sound and the “

” timer icon will be displayed on the

LCD screen indicating the system is back to the first
transceiver pin code.

2. While the “

” timer icon is displayed on the LCD

screen, you can remotely control and communicate with the
first vehicle security system. It has one short “bi” sound while
pressing the button of the LCD screen transceiver.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! To operate the primary vehicle, the remote must
be set to first car operation


This security system is equipped with circuitry that will allow the unit to
remember its alarm state if the power is lost and then reconnected




When you want to start your vehicle,

1. Press

button once on the transmitter.

2. The parking lights will activate to indicate the remote start
received the signal.
3. The engine will start in approximately 5 seconds.
4. Once the engine is running and after couple seconds the
parking lights will turn on again and climate controls will activate
and adjust the vehicles interior temperature to your preset setting.
(While the vehicle is running, the “minutes” digit on the LCD
screen will flash and will indicate a count down timer based on the
5, 10, 20 or 30 minute run time set up by your installation center.)
5. The vehicle will run for 5 to 30 minute cycle and automatically
shut down. (When the unit shuts off the count down timer will turn
off and the transmitter will play a melody sound.)

NOT E: The Remote Start Unit will not start the vehicle if any one of the

following conditions exists:
1. The hood is opened.
2. The brake pedal is pressed.
3. The remote start enable toggle switch is in the OFF position. (If
4. The gear selector is in any gear other then “PARK” or

Activate Remote

Engine Running

SAFE START (Child safety mode)


The factory default setting to start the vehicle is to press the

button ONCE

on the transmitter. Programming this feature to eliminate an accidental remote
start operation,