Hide image – Nikon D70S User Manual

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Menu Guide—The Playback Menu

Hide Image

The Hide image option is used to hide or reveal
selected photographs. Hidden images are visible
only in the Hide image menu, and can only be
deleted by formatting the memory card. High-
light Hide image in the playback menu (


and press the multi selector to the right. The pho-
tographs in the fold er or folders selected in the
Playback fl dr menu (

126) will be displayed as

small thumb nail images.

Highlight image.


Complete operation and return to

playback menu.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to select
additional pictures. To deselect
picture, highlight and press
center of multi selector. To exit
without changing hidden status
of pictures, press




Select highlighted image. Selected

image marked by



File Attributes for Hidden Images

Hidden images have “hidden” and “read-only” status when viewed on a Windows
computer. In the case of photographs taken at an image quality of NEF+JPEG Basic,
this marking applies to both the NEF (RAW) and JPEG image.

Protected and Hidden Images

Removing protection from an image that is both hidden and protected will simultane-
ously reveal the image.