Nikon D70S User Manual

Page 175

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Menu Guide—The Setup Menu


Before connecting the camera to a com put er or
printer via USB (

171, 176), select the appropri-

ate USB option. When connecting the camera to
a PictBridge printer or using the Camera Control
component of Nikon Capture 4 (available sepa-
rately; version 4.2 or later required), select PTP.
When using PictureProject to transfer (copy) pic-
tures to the computer, choose an option accord-
ing to the computer operating system as shown

Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Professional

Choose PTP or Mass Storage

Mac OS X

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows Millennium Edition (Me)

Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)

Choose Mass Storage

The default setting for USB is Mass Stor age. To change the USB setting,
highlight USB in the setup menu (

155) and press the multi selector to the

right. Press the multi selector up or down to highlight the desired option,
then press the multi selector to the right.