Capturing web camera images – Sony PCV-RZ30GN2 User Manual

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Capturing Web camera images

To set Web camera mode preferences


Start Network Smart Capture software.


Click Web camera.


Click Change Setting to view the available options for your image capture.

Web Cam era Setting window

The Web Camera Setting window has six tabs:

Basic — Select a folder destination to store your images and choose your dial-up setting.

Capturing Interval — Set your Web camera to capture images at intervals or whenever there is

Send — Set image upload preferences.

Capturing Format — Select the image size in pixels, and adjust the image quality.

Common — Enable or disable the sound and animation effects; enable or disable sample movie sound;
and enable or disable automatic dialup connection for uploading images.

Cam/Mic Selection — Select your primary camera and microphone.


Click each tab to view options and set preferences. To apply effects to an image, see

Applying effects to your still

images and movies.

Page 149