About the lithium battery – Sony PCV-RZ30GN2 User Manual

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About the Lithium Battery

The lithium battery starts to weaken after several years and the system settings, such as the date and time stored in
CMOS RAM, may become inaccurate. Replace the lithium battery when this occurs.

There is danger of the battery exploding if it is replaced incorrectly. Replace the battery only with a

CR2032-type lithium battery.

Replacing the lithium battery


Write down any changes you may have made to the settings in the BIOS Setup utility.


Shut down your computer and turn off all peripheral devices, such as your printer.


Unplug your computer and the peripheral devices.


Remove the side panel. See

Removing the side panel



If necessary, remove any cables, add-on cards, or other components to access the lithium battery.


Gently push the battery holder's tab away from the battery and remove the battery from the holder.


Install the new battery with the plus (+) side facing the battery holder tab.

Installing a lithium battery


Replace the side panel. See

Replacing the side panel


The values stored in the CMOS memory are now reset to the factory default values. Run the Setup utility to reset the date,
time, passwords, and other changes you may have made to the BIOS settings. If you do not wish to customize your BIOS
settings, do not run the Setup utility.

Dispose of the lithium battery properly. In some areas, the disposal of lithium batteries in household or

business trash may be prohibited. You can return your unwanted lithium batteries to your nearest Sony Service Center
or Factory Service Center. To locate a Service Center near you, visit the Sony Computing Support Web site at



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