Using vaio media software – Sony PCV-RZ30GN2 User Manual

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Using VAIO Media Software

To share music, video, and photos with the VAIO Media system, set up one computer on your network as a media server,
and install the VAIO Media client software on other computers. Computers on the network with the VAIO Media client
software can then view the multimedia content stored on the VAIO Media server computer.

VAIO computers with Giga Pocket preinstalled are able to stream live television to other machines on your network.



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Your VAIO Media server computer can store and deliver:

Music files — Supports music files in MP3, WAV, OpenMG (ATRAC3 ), and WMA formats. Use SonicStage
software, ver. 1.5 or higher, to create playlists of music to share on your network.

Video files — Supports Video Capsule files created by Giga Pocket software, ver. 5.0 or later. Video Capsules in
MPEG1 (LP), MPEG2 (SP), or MPEG2 (HQ) formats are supported. Only VAIO


computers preinstalled with Giga Pocket

software, ver. 5.5 or later, can be used as VAIO Media servers for video content.

Still image files — Supports still image files in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIFF formats.

TV broadcast — VAIO computers equipped with Giga Pocket features are able to stream a live TV signal to other
computers connected to your network.

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