Before upgrading your computer – Sony PCV-RZ30GN2 User Manual

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Before upgrading your computer

Disconnect the computer from its power source and from telecommunications links, networks, or modems before you open
the unit or follow any procedures described in this section.

Failure to disconnect your computer from its power source may result in personal injury or equipment damage.

Your computer may not be equipped with all of the hardware features mentioned in this section. The interior hardware
configuration of your system may vary from the illustrations, depending on the computer purchased. To view the specific
hardware configuration for your system, see the online specifications sheet.

You may need to temporarily remove add-on cards or other components that may be near the slot cover you plan to


Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage disk drives, add-on cards, and other components. Follow the

procedures described here only at an ESD workstation. If such a station is not available, do not work in a carpeted
area and do not handle materials that produce or hold static electricity (for example, cellophane wrappers). Ground
yourself by maintaining continuous contact with an unpainted metal portion of the chassis while performing the

Always turn the power off before you open the system or connect your computer to peripheral equipment. Otherwise,
damage may occur to the integrated circuits in your computer.

Page 161