Vaio software tutorials – Sony PCV-RZ30GN2 User Manual

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VAIO Software Tutorials

Your new VAIO


computer has audio and video software that makes it easy for you to create and edit videos, still images,

and music files. This section describes your VAIO multimedia software.

Depending on the system configuration purchased, your computer may not include all of the software described in

this section.

Your computer's visual presentation of the VAIO AV applications may vary from those shown in this manual.

Multimedia Overview

About Recordable CD and DVD Media and Playback Equipment

Copying Data to Recordable CD and DVD media

Using Drag'n Drop CD+DVD Software

Using RecordNow Software

Using Click to DVD Software

About Recording and Playing Music

Using SonicStage Software

Using SonicStage Mastering Studio Software

About Still Images (Photos)

Using PictureGear Studio Software

About Preinstalled Image-editing Software

About Video Editing

Using DVgate Plus Software

Using DVgate Software

About Networks

Using VAIO Media Software

Using Network Smart Capture Software

Page 69