Leaning, Nstructions – Glastender GW24 User Manual

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Regular maintenance of your Glastender glasswasher will extend its useful life and lower the service costs. The

following parts are removable for daily cleaning:

1. Drainboard insert

2. Drainboard pan

3. Sliding cover

4. Inner cover

5. Conveyor

6. Spray box

7. Spray box gasket

8. Tank screen

9. Pump inlet screen

10. Drain stopper

11. Scrap tray

The daily cleaning procedures consist of the following steps:

1. Remove drainboard insert, drainboard pan, sliding cover, and inner cover.

Wipe down each part as necessary.

2. Remove the conveyor wheel. Any large debris found inside the machine, like

broken glass, lemon seeds, stir sticks, and so on, should be removed.

3. Remove and scrub clean the spray box, spray box gasket,

and tank screen. Remove and wipe down the drain stop-

per. Remove any debris from the lower wash tank. Make

sure nothing is clogging the pump inlet screen. The pump

inlet screen can be removed for cleaning if necessary.

Drainboard insert

Drainboard pan

Sliding cover

Inner cover

Spray box

Spray box gasket (located under

spray box - not shown)


Tank Screen

Pump inlet screen

Drain stopper