Tart, Nstructions – Glastender GW24 User Manual

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Circuit board slides

out for easy access

Adjust circuit board knobs as needed

FILL mark - top of drain screen handle

Chemical inlets

WARNING: The chemicals used in commercial glass washing are very harsh. Exposure to human skin can cause severe

burns. Chemical containers should be stored in a manner and/or location that prevents them from spilling or splash-

ing. Chemical containers must be secured. Please consult your chemical vendor to ensure proper storage or call the

Glastender factory to purchase an accessory chemical storage drawer, part number 01001500.
1. Place chemical Feed Lines into the proper chemical containers.

Red - Detergent
Blue - Rinse Aid
Clear - Sanitizer

2. After utility connections described on page 2 are completed, plug in glasswasher.
3. Prime Chemical Pumps: Slide cover open to view chemical inlets.

Depress Prime switches to fill Feed Lines (see page 6 - Control Panel Operation).
Stop priming when chemicals come out of inlets.
NOTE: Always run a complete cycle or dump clean water in the tank after using the

prime switches. Undiluted chemicals will damage stainless steel.

4. Fill Level Adjustment: Cycle the glasswasher to check water fill level (water fill level

is preset at the factory but may require adjustments due to variations in water pressure/flow at installation location).
With the sliding cover open, initiate cycle by pressing Cycle Start (see page 6 - Control Panel Operation).
When fill is complete, verify that the water level is at the FILL mark (top of the drain screen handle - see photo

If water level is correct, skip to Step 5.
If water level is above or below the fill mark, fill adjustment is required.

• Unplug glasswasher and remove front panel.
• Adjust the Fill adjustment knob on the circuit board. Turn knob clockwise to increase fill time or counter-

clockwise to decrease fill time.

• Leaving the sliding cover open will end the cycle and drain the tank after 30 seconds and cycle can be re-

started to check water level again.

Once water level is correct, continue with Step 5.