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When the interior is coated with a white chalky substance, perform the following de-liming procedure. De-lim-

ing should be executed after daily cleaning has been completed.
1. With the conveyor empty, press the De-Liming button. The red In Use light will illuminate.
2. The GW24 holds 1.25 gallons of water - measure out the appropriate amount of de-liming solution.

WARNING! Most de-liming chemicals are hazardous. Follow chemical manufacturers instructions

very carefully!

3. During water fill, open sliding cover and pour de-liming chemicals into tank. Close sliding cover.
4. The de-liming cycle consists of a 5 minute wash and two rinse cycles.
5. The red In Use light will turn off after the de-liming cycle is complete.

4. Remove the scrap tray and empty out any debris that may have passed through

the tank screen.

5. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire wash

tank. For more stubborn stains, use a nylon brush

or a Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner® pad.

Never use steel wool to clean stainless steel. Steel

wool will cause the stainless steel to rust.

6. Re-assemble the glasswasher.
7. Check Detergent, Sanitizer, and Rinse Aid containers. Refill or replace if empty.
8. Visually inspect the Chemical Inlets by opening the sliding cover during the

wash and rinse cycle fill. You should notice detergent intermittently dripping into

the tank during the wash fill and Sanitizer and Rinse Aid intermittently dripping

into the tank during the rinse fill. NOTE: After verifying the chemicals have been

dispensed, close the sliding cover to allow the glasswasher to resume cycle. If the

sliding cover is left open for more than 30 seconds, the water will be drained and

the cycle will terminate. In the event the cycle does terminate, push the Cycle

Start button to initiate a new cycle.

9. Your glasswasher is now ready for operation

Scrap tray

Wash tank

Chemical inlets

Detergent, Sanitizer, and

Rinse Aid Containers