Rouble, Hooting, Uide – Glastender GW24 User Manual

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A. Unit does not run

1. Sliding cover open

1. Close sliding cover

2. Out of chemicals

2. Replace and prime empty chemicals

3. No power (Power light “off”)

3. Check power source

4. Defective switch panel

4. Replace switch panel

5. Wire connections poor, loose, or broken

5. Re-crimp and/or replace wire connection

B. Unit experiences a delay (up to 15 sec-

onds) before beginning a cycle

1. Incoming water does not reach minimum

operating temperature

1. Check temperature of water source

C. Conveyor runs but holding tank not


1. Water “off”

1. Turn water “on”

2. Bad water valve

2. Test valve, replace if necessary

D. Conveyor moves intermittently

1. Glassware or debris blocking rotation of


1. Clear obstruction

2. Worn drive coupling

2. Replace drive coupling

E. Water recirculating, conveyor not


1. Obstruction in tank area

1. Remove obstruction

2. Conveyor not engaged with conveyor

drive shaft

2. Rotate conveyor until it engages

3. Worn drive coupling

3. Replace drive coupling

4. Defective drive motor

4. Replace drive motor

F. Water

not recirculating

1. Completely plugged pump inlet screen

1. Clean pump inlet screen

2. Defective recirculating pump

2. Replace recirculating pump

G. Water leaking from recirculating

pump housing - water on floor

1. Defective pump seal

1. Replace pump

2. Pump housing cracked

2. Replace pump

H. Glasses slimy or soapy at end of cycle

1. Sanitizer feed line in detergent container

1. Clean line and place in proper container

2. Improper Rinse Aid setting

2. Adjust chemical setting

I. Recirculating water pressure low

1. Spray box not latched properly

1. Latch spray box properly

2. Partially plugged pump inlet screen

2. Clean pump inlet screen

Refer to page 8 cleaning instructions

3. Missing or worn spray box gasket

3. Replace gasket

J. Detergent, sanitizer, and/or rinse aid

not feeding properly

1. Chemical container is empty

1. Refill or replace container(s)

2. Feed lines will not fill

2. Replace defective parts. Notes: The deter-

gent, sanitizer, or rinse aid product advanc-

es in the line on each stroke of the pump.

The product should hold position between

strokes. If the product falls back toward the

supply container, one or more of the fol-

lowing conditions may exist:

a. Debris in pump

b. Split feed line

c. Bad pump tube

Replace parts as necessary

K. Poor washing results

1. Clogged spray nozzles and dirty holding


1. Clean unit -see page 8 cleaning instructions

2. Detergent container empty

2. Fill container

3. Poor water conditions

3. Have filter or softener installed

4. Chemicals not adjusted properly

4. Call chemical technician

5. No hot water

5. Check temperature of water source