Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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Cannot print




Printing in user authenti-
cation or account track
mode is not available.

Are the user name or ac-
count name, and pass-
word correct?

Enter the correct user name, account name and

Is the user authentica-
tion or account track en-
abled in the printer

Enable user authentication or account track on
the printer driver.

Is the entered user name
or account name author-

Check that printing of the current user name/ac-
count name is permitted?

Printing is not available
when you have selected
[Public User] in user au-

Is printing by public us-
ers permitted on the ma-

Check whether printing by public users is permit-
ted. If not, grant printing permission to public us-

Selection of items failed
in the printer driver.

Selection may not be en-
abled for certain combi-
nations of functions.

Grayed out items cannot be configured.

A "conflict" message
saying "unable to config-
ure" or "function will be
canceled" appears.

Have you set up func-
tions that cannot be
used in combination?

Check what functions are enabled and redo the
selection of functions.

Cannot print according
to the settings you have

The settings may not be
configured correctly.

Check the setting of each item of the printer driv-

Even though a combina-
tion of functions may be
enabled in the printer
driver, that combination
may not be available on
this machine.

The paper size or paper
orientation specified in
the application may take
precedence over the
settings in the printer
driver when printing.

Correct the settings in the application.

Images are not printed

Is there sufficient com-
puter memory available?

Simplify the images to reduce the data size.

Paper is not fed from the
specified paper tray.

Does the specified paper
tray contain paper of the
correct size/orientation?

Load paper of the appropriate size and orienta-
tion into the paper tray.

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